Are you learning as fast as the world of analytics is changing?

Hi, I’m Marcia Tal and welcome to my blog.  I am on a journey…one that takes me from a complex, global organization to finding my way sharing my expertise and learnings on how to profit from the data inside your organization.

This blog is one way in which I will share my knowledge with the hope that my readers will share theirs.  I value diversity of thought and recognize that today’s business opportunities require collaboration and partnership − as no one entity has the breadth of resources, intellectual property and human capital to win alone.

With each post, I’ll be sharing my experiences and ideas to help you profit from the hidden value in your own data.

I fundamentally believe that an organization’s growth opportunities can be harnessed through uncovering its undefined assets. This matters because every organization is struggling to identify revenue growth. Most organizations admit that they are not leveraging or profiting from the wealth of data that they already own. They also admit lacking the leadership to translate their data and technology into new capabilities, products, and business.

I am passionate about learning, the discovery process, and using those discoveries to create solutions to complex problems. Businesses need people with creative, critical thinking who are driven by solving complex issues.

And the analytic discipline is complex – and more often than not, the “art” is using the appropriate technique and/or tool rather than the most sophisticated or newest technique or tool. Simplicity and “going back to basics” is sometimes the best practice.

The examples we will explore – through the stories told, questions posed, and frameworks suggested – will all provide a foundation for insight and growth.

What data do you have?

What data do you need?

What is your analytic strategy to develop future capabilities?

How can your customers benefit from today’s Big Data?

Together, our goal is to harness today’s “big data” inside robust analytic platforms to develop tomorrow’s products and services. Consider a few thought-provoking facts:

  • Less than 1% of world’s data is analyzed, even though the amount of useful data is exponentially expanding.
  • Less than 20% of world’s data is protected, but the amount that requires protection is growing faster than the digital universe itself.
  • By 2020, emerging markets will supplant the developed world as the main creators of the world’s data.

When I examine these facts, the scale of both the opportunities and challenges ahead excites me. The breadth of data…the challenge of protection… the increasing sources of information in the expanding digital universe – this is all still new to us.

Our ability to strike the right balance between using new sources of information and open data environments while protecting individuals’ information will drive the magnitude of our insights and learning. What we can be sure of is that learning will be fundamental to the development of profitable opportunities.

So, are you learning as fast as the world is changing? If so, how? If not, what will you do to adapt?

I’m looking forward to our journey together, so please let me know what you think in a comment below.

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  1. Christine McGinty says

    Wow Marcia!! This is all very exciting. You certainly possess the skills credentials, expertise and passion to get the job done! I can’t wait to hear all about the journey ahead! Amazing website!!

  2. Thanks Chris! I am excited about the opportunities ahead, and very appreciative of your support!

  3. Ricardo Ramirez says

    Hi Marcia!, just joined your blog and I’m really looking forward to the insights, the stimulating thinking and of course the learning process. It’s great to hear back from you as one of the passionate pioneers of the discipline…