Tal Solutions Hosts 15-year Decision Management Reunion

I just can’t wait for our Decision Management Reunion. It’s now been 15 years since we established Decision Management. Next week, we’re going to celebrate and renew our relationships and rebuild our community.

But before I tell you all about the reunion, allow me to toot my own horn so you have some background…in Mike Barlow’s words:

“Marcia Tal pioneered the application of advanced data analytics to real-world business problems. She is best known in the analytics industry for creating and building Citigroup’s Decision Management function. Its charter was seeking significant industry breakthroughs for growth across Citigroup’s retail and wholesale banking businesses. Starting with three people in 2001, Tal grew the function into a scalable organization with more than 1,000 people working in 30 countries. Marcia left Citi in 2011 and later founded Tal Solutions, LLC.”

—Mike Barlow, The Culture of Big Data, O’Reilly, 2013

What The Reunion Means to Our Community

At first, I just thought it would be amazing to get together again with all my Decision Management colleagues in our “borderless network.” I’d like to recognize everyone’s careers – and celebrate what we’ve all accomplished using the skills and talents we first developed in Decision Management.

Here’s the latest shout-out to the community. While on a recent business trip to Jerusalem and London, I thought I’d send a greeting to our global Decision Management Community. We made this video on a bright sunny day on the rooftop of our building in Jerusalem.

Rebuilding Our Community Can Bring Big Value to Big Data

Next – and even more importantly – I’d like us to rebuild our community.

As I say in the video, and it’s worth repeating: collectively, we have skill sets that are truly unique. Combined as a community, we can powerfully apply those skills in ways that create value in our world. In an age of Big Data, we can create Big Value.

Now that we are all in different places, there’s no reason we can’t rebuild the community. More than ever we will not be constrained by organizational boundaries. Rather – in this age of collaboration, partnerships, transparency, social consciousness and social ventures – we’ll be building together impactful capabilities that have real value in our community and in the larger data analytics community.

We can bring our collective talents and skills to make sense of the chaos of data we’re all experiencing today – and I know we can do it for a larger social purpose.

We Are Coming from All Over the World

Today, our Decision Management community is dispersed all over the USA and around the world. I’m looking forward to seeing colleagues from the Far East, India, South America, Europe, and all over North America. We have moved around the globe in these last 15 years, and even though we made a huge effort to find everyone, I’m sure we’ve missed a few.

If you’re an old Decision Management colleague and want to get back in touch and help rebuild our community, please contact me.