We help you profit from hidden value in your data.

“Marcia Tal pioneered the application of advanced data analytics to real-world business problems. She is best known in the analytics industry for creating and building Citigroup’s Decision Management function. Its charter was seeking significant industry breakthroughs for growth across Citigroup’s retail and wholesale banking businesses. Starting with three people in 2001, Tal grew the function into a scalable organization with more than 1,000 people working in 30 countries. Marcia left Citi in 2011 and later founded Tal Solutions, LLC.”

—Mike Barlow, The Culture of Big Data, O’Reilly, 2013

Today, Tal Solutions offers analytical solutions to help you profit from the hidden value in your own data – an asset you may not even know you have. Using proven analytic strategies and frameworks, we transform data into insight, smarter decisions and measureable growth for your business.

Marcia Tal

About Marcia Tal

Marcia Tal is the Founder of Tal Solutions, LLC – a New York based Women Business Enterprise (WBE) certified consultancy that helps complex organizations and C-suite partners use their own data to create growth opportunities.

An acknowledged expert in designing and leading business analytic organizations, Marcia is widely recognized for creating and building Citigroup’s Global Decision Management function in over 30 countries. Using her decades of experience in Risk Management and Marketing, Marcia introduced advanced analytical tools and a strong governance process into business decisions. She guided global business leaders in better understanding their customers, providing differentiated solutions and delivering profitable results.

As an early adopter and advocate of harnessing the power of “Big Data,” she focuses on how “Big Data” must be viewed through an analytical framework that advances business strategies for revenue growth.

Today, Marcia advises on how an organization can use and profit from the data flowing throughout its own business. First, Marcia designs and builds an analytical framework for her clients, and then creates processes to gain insights for developing enterprise-wide policies, programs and products – all to fuel business strategies and increase revenue and profits.

In addition to her business consulting, Marcia also spends her time as a public speaker, teacher, conference advisor and business writer. Marcia has written for The Guardian and has provided key interviews for articles in The Economist Intelligence Unit and in recently published books, Lean Analytics, and Big Data, Big Analytics: Emerging Business Intelligence and Analytic Trends for Today’s Businesses. Frequently asked to review titles in analytics, Marcia recently endorsed Dwight McNeill’s A Framework for Applying Analytics in Healthcare: What Can Be Learned from the Best Practices in Retail, Banking, Politics and Sports.

Marcia currently serves on the Boards of Advisors for Marketelligent and Black Oak Partners, LLC and as a lead faculty member for the International Institute for Analytics (IIA).

Marcia is married and the mother of five children. She currently resides in New York City.