“Vision without execution is merely hallucination:” how Decision Management was born.

This post is an edited version of an article originally written for The Guardian. This Einstein quote grounds me. It’s a simple reminder that the job of a business leader is to make her vision real – to decide on tactics and to act based on business fundamentals. In my interpretation of Albert … [Read more...]

Making lemonade from lemons: a critical moment in my career as Decision Management leader.

As you struggle to form your career in today’s world of analytics and Big Data, you may learn a lesson or two from how I handled a critical turning point in my own career as leader of Decisions Management. The corporate environment provides diverse opportunities − some challenging and exciting, … [Read more...]

Are you learning as fast as the world of analytics is changing?

Hi, I’m Marcia Tal and welcome to my blog.  I am on a journey...one that takes me from a complex, global organization to finding my way sharing my expertise and learnings on how to profit from the data inside your organization. This blog is one way in which I will share my knowledge with the hope … [Read more...]