Case Studies

Solving Business Problems and Achieving Business Objectives.

Our portfolio presents brief case studies – success stories – to show how Tal Solutions approaches real-world business problems and achieves business objectives.

The main business objectives that we address here – and almost everywhere – should be familiar to you and your organization.

  • Deepen Customer Relationships: Leverage the breadth of consumer data to increase the products and services used by customers. We approach this through methodologies that allow a comprehensive view of the customer relationship.
  • Maximize Revenue: Enable the creation of new or enhanced revenue streams by applying data, analytic and visualization expertise to uncover opportunities.
  • Drive Operating Efficiencies: Allow significant operation efficiencies – cost, scale and capabilities – through well-integrated and global analytic delivery systems.



Global Credit Card Franchise

Business Objective: Deepen customer relationships and maximize revenue.

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Global Consumer Bank

Business Objective: Drive operating efficiencies.

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Global Consumer Banking

Business Objective: Deepen customer relationships and maximize revenues through real-time analytics.

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Credit Card Issuer

Business Objective: Maximize revenues through real-time analytics.

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Global Bank Training

Business Objective: Maximize Revenue.

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Business Intelligence Provider

Business Objective: Deepen Customer Relationships.

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