Business Intelligence Provider

Transferring Expert Financial Services Knowledge for Business Intelligence Products.


Translate the uniqueness of our client’s business intelligence (BI) products into language and solutions relevant to Financial Services Executives.


Tal Solutions created a strategic framework for our client to:

  • Address critical questions facing the financial services industry – specific to each line of business across financial services.
  • Link our client’s BI products to financial institutions’ strategy and roadmap.
  • Populate our client’s BI products with customized business requirements, actions and metrics for financial services.


Tal Solutions was able to transfer broad and deep industry knowledge to our client’s BI products for financial services by:

  • Demonstrating how our client can tailor products and metrics to the specific needs of financial services.
  • Creating a customized platform that is deeply focused on financial services executives’ pain points.
  • Delivering a relevant solution that meets the complex and diverse needs of the financial services industry.