Global Bank Training

Training Future Global Banking Leaders How To Uncover Value in Data.


Most organizations are not leveraging – let alone profiting from – the wealth of data that they already own. These organizations struggle to identify revenue growth because they lack the leadership to translate their data and technology into new capabilities and products.


Tal Solutions designed and delivered client-specific curriculum to:

  • Teach global banking executives how to use data, technology, analytics, and talent to uncover business opportunities.
  • Impart industry expertise and proprietary methodologies.
  • Demonstrate cutting edge analytic tools and capabilities.
  • Provide relevant case studies and interactive sessions covering topics including:
    • The Promise of Big Data
    • Translating Technology Solutions into Measurable Value
    • Customer Analytics: The Next Frontier
    • Smart Banking
    • Defining (Industry) Trends


Tal Solutions enabled employees to deliver “new value” based on our client’s existing strategic business mandates (P&L, revenue, cross sell, new customers, activation rates, attrition rates).

Through our training, employees gained insight on:

  • The complexity associated with implementing big data strategies.
  • The organizational model required for implementing big data strategies.
  • Building a roadmap, including processes and mechanisms, to utilize their own data, technology, analytics and people.
  • Delivering a relevant solution that meets the complex and diverse needs of the financial services industry.