“Please listen to me”: 5 steps to get ahead of growing risks

Anyone who has ever experienced conflict knows it’s never about just one thing. It’s often the result of months of feeling unheard. And then when we finally unload all of our grievances at once, we hope the other side is listening. Customers submitting a complaint to the CFPB experience something similar. So, while they have… Read Now →

5 Steps To Reduce False Positive Account Closures

Customer complaints to the CFPB about their companies closing their accounts have risen by approximately 50% in the last two years. This issue is getting more and more coverage — and journalists are turning to us for insights into what is happening, why it’s happening, and how to prevent it: The rise in account closures… Read Now →

6 Highlights from 2023

Wishing you a year that’s full of light and listening. Happy holidays to you and your family! Do you know about your customers’ fast-growing issues? Are you aware of their rapidly increasing challenges — and the risks your organization needs to get ahead of? We are. As one of our partners recently shared, “With its unique… Read Now →

Did You Know That The CFPB Changed Its Complaint Categories?

When consumers submit complaints to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), they have the option of choosing the categories most relevant to their problem. Recently, the CFPB changed hundreds of combinations of Product / Sub Product / Issue / Sub Issue mapping in its form. These changes did not garner media attention. Yet, they are significant and… Read Now →

Why Are Retirees And Servicemembers Being Denied Mortgages?

“‘I’m an extremely good risk,’ said Ms. Stuart, 60, a lawyer. She had a 30-year work history and a credit rating above 800…. But her mortgage company denied her application. ‘I didn’t qualify for a refinance because I didn’t have enough income,’ she said. ‘It was extremely frustrating.’” “‘We just couldn’t get anybody to accept our… Read Now →