Trends and Predictions for 2018 in Analytics, Data Quality, Business Intelligence, Big Data, Digital Transformation, AI and Machine Learning.


Everywhere you look, there’s change in the world of data, analytics and technology.

Speed of change…exponential change…faster and faster.

“Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes,” as David Bowie sang. Every day now we have to “turn and face the strange.”

To help you keep abreast of these changes, we researched and compiled hundreds of trends and predictions for 2018. Here, we’ve culled it down to a few of the best articles about data and analytics, data quality, business intelligence, digital transformation, and artificial intelligence.

Dip in and out of the writing, visualizations, infographics and videos at your leisure or binge on all the change coming our way in 2018.

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Top 5 Predictions for Data Quality in 2018

In “Top 5 Predictions for Data Quality in 2018,” Farnaz Erfan provides a financial frame for data quality trends: “Recent Gartner research indicates that the average financial impact of poor data quality (DQ) on organizations is $9.7 million per year.”

Now, we have a broader and deeper understanding that data—as raw material—needs to be governed and its quality measured. Importantly, this responsibility is broadening beyond centralized IT organizations to the lines of business. These businesses best understand the importance of their data quality as a driver to the business results for which they are accountable.

Get a glimpse of how IT, business domain experts, and data analysts will interact and collaborate in the future.

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10 Predictions For AI, Big Data, And Analytics in 2018

Based on the Forrester Research report, “Predictions 2018: The Honeymoon Is Over,” Gil Press’ Forbes article “10 Predictions For AI, Big Data, And Analytics in 2018“ presents a statistical look into evolving trends.

Among the 10, a few highlights:

We see continued enhancements, interfaces, processes and discipline in integrating AI, NLP and conversational technologies, and real-time data visualizations. Further refined human and machine collaborations will continue to grow.

Analysts and business leaders will experience point and click analytics with conversational interfaces and artificial intelligence engines directing them in real time to guide better decision making.

See all 10 predictions.

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2018 Top 10 Business Intelligence Trends with Videos

In “2018 Top 10 Business Intelligence Trends,” Tableau presents a series of ten well-illustrated posts—each with a short video from an expert.

One of the most interesting, “Liberal Arts Impact,” hits on one of our common themes in the last year:

“As analytics evolves to be more art and less science, the focus has shifted from simply delivering the data to crafting data-driven stories that inevitably lead to decisions. Organizations are embracing data at a much larger scale than ever before and the natural progression means more of an emphasis on storytelling and shaping data. The golden age of data storytelling is upon us …”

The NLP Promise” ranks as another top trend:

Consumers, analysts, developers and engineers will be benefitting from Natural Language Processing (NLP). Using voice data and studying the ways in which we ask questions will enhance our ability to expand our understanding of consumers and improve business outcomes. 

Watch all 10 short videos.

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Top 10 Trends for Digital Transformation In 2018

Change itself is the major trend in 2018—as in any age of transformation. In the ongoing Digital Transformation, Daniel Newman posts “Top 10 Trends for Digital Transformation in 2018.”

Digital transformation will continue through the IoT:

“The mass amount of information being created by the IoT has the power to revolutionize everything from manufacturing and healthcare to the layout and functioning of entire cities — allowing them to work more efficiently and profitably than ever before.”

Specifically, tech giants are seeing the power of combining IoT and Analytics—IoT Analytics— “driving new business insights across a vast array of industries.”

See more trends, including AI, Blockchain, Edge Computing and 5G—and an infographic showing how each contributes to the ongoing Digital Transformation.

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Data & Analytics Trends in 2018: What Do the Experts Expect?

Ben Davis and Econsultacy give us a look at what the experts predict for data and analytics in 2018.

In addition to optimizing marketing campaigns, enhancing the customer experience using artificial intelligence and machine learning will continue to be core to brands’ personalized messaging and human experiences. The use of integrated data—including attribution and campaign results with analytic capabilities and a relentless focus on the customer experience—will be key.

Compliance will continue to provide challenges and opportunities as data models, analytic roadmaps and strategies are reviewed and governed. Taking effect in May 2018, the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will have a significant impact on tracking and targeting.

See more expert predictions for prescriptive analytics, data visualization, data integration, and “data for the masses.”

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5 Artificial Intelligence Predictions For 2018

In 5 Artificial Intelligence Predictions For 2018, Daniel Newman moves us away from “bigtime futuristic predictions of AI” and provides a more realistic view of how artificial Intelligence will continue to be an even greater part of our personal and professional lives.

Data-driven machines will alter work streams between humans and machines to drive efficiencies and effectiveness. Conversational technologies, “listening to conversations,” and smart automation will continue to improve and enhance both our personal and professional lives.

Read more AI predictions here.