Are We Getting Closer to a True Connected Customer Experience? Look for Yourself.

New Infographic Dives into Executive Survey Data to Detail Major Improvement in Data-Driven CX

Last issue, we shared the report  Forbes Insights: “Data Elevates the Customer Experience.” The report shows significant progress being made toward achieving a true “connected customer experience.” The data also exposes the tough challenges that remain.

For this issue, we created an infographic that visualizes the key data points which illustrate this important story. We hope it helps you see the significant progress being made in Data-Driven Customer Experience (CX) and the hurdles we all still face.

Let me highlight a few important takeaways from our analysis of the data—

Confidence and optimism rise. We see more executives’ conviction than ever in their readiness to deliver data-driven CX. 

Doubt lingers about sharing data. The data shows executives doubt that customers having access to their own data will enable a stronger, more integrated, and connected customer experience. Much work needs to be done to further democratize consumer data and demonstrate its benefit to both organizations and consumers.

Long-term strategy and investment required. Many executives don’t see an immediate benefit in data-driven CX—and yet they understand the focus, commitment and investment required.

We also look forward to new research that shows further progress in data-driven CX. We hope to see research and data that includes important new channels—like Home and Voice. By all accounts, these new channels are rapidly contributing a wealth of data that could be mined for insights on how to integrate the connected customer experience.

We hope you enjoy the infographic—and we hope you and your organizations are making the critical connections needed to power data-driven CX.

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