When You Can’t Access Your Money

Have you ever had the experience of not being able to access your funds? Perhaps your account was put on hold due to fraud concerns or you were unclear as to funds availability policies or you faced actual bank errors. The widespread fear and panic of not being able to access funds — or not knowing… Read Now →

The CFPB is Loud and Clear

Have you read the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s Annual report of credit and consumer reporting complaints, which includes how the organization identifies consumers’ growing issues? It says the following: “The CFPB’s complaint process is the primary method by which the CFPB hears from consumers. This process is designed to facilitate an interaction between companies and consumers, and… Read Now →

5 Highlights from 2022

When a customer takes the time and effort to complain, it matters.In fact, for every customer who does complain, there are 26 who do not.  Each year in the United States alone, approximately 6 billion high-risk customer conversations take place between institutions and their customers. These conversations are a rich data source ready to be… Read Now →

Inside the “S” in ESG

Earlier this month, I had the honor of accepting the Citi Distinguished Alumni Award for Sustainability, Environmental, Social and Governance. The award, which is now proudly displayed in my office, says, “For her invaluable work enabling businesses to prioritize the ‘S’ in ESG — further strengthening the relationships financial companies have with their customers and using their voices to provide… Read Now →

The scary, spooky truth about fraud and scams

Who is liable when a consumer authorizes a payment and then realizes they were scammed?  This continues to be a major industry-wide question. While interested parties seek data to support their position, that data is not easily accessible — and so, the answer remains unclear.  One fact is clear: Fraud and scams are scary and… Read Now →