Announcing The Inside PositivityTech Benchmark Reports

Which competitors do you track daily? Which companies in your space are gaining an unexpected edge? Today, we’re thrilled to announce the Inside PositivityTech Benchmark Report ©, a brand new category of competitive intelligence based on customer narratives, which measures your “complaint share” relative to a benchmark group and the industry. Unlike other reports, the Inside… Read Now →

How Global Crises Impact Your Customers

With the news cycle especially intense this year, headline items are impacting many of us personally — and its effects are trickling into our institutions, too. Using the PositivityTechⓇ platform, institutions are finding that their customer complaints focus on the current economic, social, and health crises — and display interconnected impacts. This critical information can… Read Now →

A Trigger That Uncovers The Competition You Never Considered

Complaints about money transfers are on the rise. The PositivityTechⓇ platform’s proprietary trigger process alerts our clients of the growing industry triggers derived from customers’ “voices” and provides a market comparison of the issues triggered. This month, the problem of adding money during a money transfer was one of the top issues triggered, and the market comparison… Read Now →

Answering The Need For Better Complaint Categorization

We’ve all experienced this: we call our bank with an issue that needs to be addressed, and we’re transferred from one department to the next. With each transfer, we become more frustrated. We may lose trust in our banks, complain to regulatory bodies, and close our accounts. With the PositivityTechⓇ proprietary Categorization solution, we make… Read Now →

Three Months Later: The Growing Impact Of COVID-19 On Banks And Customers

The emergence of the coronavirus health crisis has negatively impacted financial institutions’ ability to help their customers. Consumers are beginning to complain loudly and are not afraid to publicly air their complaints. Using the PositivityTechⓇ intelligent platform, we explored Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) complaints submitted since March 10th and found that approximately 7% of… Read Now →