PositivityTech® Offerings

Join leading financial institutions already using PositivityTech®.

  1. PositivityTech Curated Intelligence Sessions 

Find the hidden opportunities in your customers’ complaints. 

Invite PositivityTech Founder Marcia Tal to deliver curated intelligence about the “High-Risk Interactions” facing your institution, your peers, and the industry. In these customized sessions, assess risks based on industry customer complaint data and then define applications to improve your business performance.

  1. Inside PositivityTech Benchmark Reports

Your customers’ voice is your most valuable asset.  

When a customer takes the time and effort to complain, it matters. The PositivityTech Benchmark Reports reveal business insights as well as opportunities to act using our market comparisons, industry trends, and proprietary algorithms. Subscribe to these Benchmark Reports as part of your risk management framework.

  1. PositivityTech Platform Access For Your Team

Understanding your customers is everyone’s business.

Onboard your team to the PositivityTech platform providing access to tools such as: Executive Dashboards, Industry Benchmarking, Customer Narrative Comparisons, and Proprietary Algorithms. Transform your organization’s culture by enabling your team to review your customers’ friction points daily, empathizing with customers and working to improve your products and services. Deployment is quick and easy, and PositivityTech is fully scalable to meet your needs.

“[Marcia Tal] has been addressing the issue of how to organize your
resources to best serve your customers for years. I’ve known Marcia for nearly
20 years when we both worked at CitiCards. She was a trailblazer then,
and I’m happy to say that she still is.”
-Sanjib Kalita, Money20/20 MoneyPot

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