We Help You Profit From Hidden Value in Your Data.

Tal Solutions offers a variety of analytical solutions packages to help you profit from the hidden value in your data. From audits and assessments to building full-blown analytics organizations, from price management to segmentation to customer lifecycle, from one-on-one consulting to workshops and training – explore the solutions that your organization needs to profit from your data.

Data and Analytics

It may seem obvious that analytics begins with data. But many organizations don’t have an accurate idea of what data they actually have, where it exists, who owns it, its accuracy or recency, and how to structure analysis for business outcomes.

Get a handle on your data and make it work for you. Our data and analytics solutions provide audits and assessments, development and design, implementation, and measurement to transform data into opportunities.
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Who are your most valuable customers? Your least valuable? Your most promising prospects? Your most risky? If you can’t identify and describe these core groups, you can’t design relevant business processes and solutions to support your business strategy.  

Understand your customers and prospects and their behavior. Our segmentation solutions make sense of your customer relationships and provide a foundation for driving profitable revenue.
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Price Management

What pricing policies are you executing for your products? How does your pricing structure affect customer responsiveness and engagement? What is the impact of your pricing policies on your portfolio performance?

These are just a few of the questions we need to examine before we can help sharpen your pricing strategies and delivery. See how we apply data and analytics expertise to create new and enhanced revenue streams.
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Customer Lifecycle

As Peter Drucker put it: “The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself.”

From promising new customers to existing high-risk customers – and all in between – we help you assess the effectiveness of your current lifecycle initiatives. And then we guide you in improving customer behavior to add P&L value.
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Employee Life Cycle

Tal Solutions helps you design and develop employee segments based on employee engagement, attitude, characteristics, skills and performance.

Understanding your employees enables the design and implementation of employee lifecycle strategies and programs to target and acquire new hires, retain existing employees, nurture employee relationships – all which will increase customer value and improve business performance.
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C-Suite Analytical Organization

Do you have an enterprise-wide analytic strategy? If not, then it’s time to develop an analytical organization to capitalize on all the growth opportunities that you could mine from your data and insight.

It boils down to a simple formula: Analytics = Value Creation. Accept this and you’re on your way. Let us guide you in building your analytics organization – from the C-Suite on down – to fuel future business growth.
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Audits and Assessments

Sometimes it’s best to step back and take stock. What are your major business problems? What kind of data do you have to help you solve them? Do you have a solid foundation for analysis?

Our audits and assessments provide a methodical examination and review of your data for specific business problems. And then we deliver a foundation for analysis. This means you’ll be on your way to creating value from your data.
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Training Services

Once you’ve built an analytical organization or established new analytical functions, you need to train your people to use data to uncover business value.

Using our experience in building global analytics organizations and successfully training leadership and teams, we’ll show you how to leverage training for real-time business applications and opportunities.
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Data Analytics Consultations

To move from vision to action, sometimes you just need a little expert advice. To help you profit from the hidden value in your data, we offer customized consulting engagements tailored to your specific goals.

From exploratory full-day workshops…to team-building conferences…to private one-on-one strategic counseling, we help you build and integrate data, technology, analytics and talent into your organization for business applications and growth.
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