Audits and Assessments

Use expert audits and assessments as your first step in creating value from your data

Sometimes it’s best to step back and take stock. What are your major business problems? What kind of data do you have to help solve them? Do you have a solid foundation for analysis?

Our analytic audits and assessments provide a methodical examination and review of your data for specific business problems. And then we deliver a foundation for analysis. This means you’ll be on your way to creating value from your data.

Data and Analytics

Our audits and assessments provide an analytical examination of your data.

  • Determine target business problems.
  • Examine your data for specific business problems.
  • Provide a foundation for analysis.
  • And more….

This first step provides an understanding of your business problems and the data you have to create solutions. This foundation allows for in-depth analysis of customer segmentation, price management, customer lifecycle and organizational analytic models.


The segmentation audit and assessment provides the basis for better customer understanding.

  • Examine existing segmentation schemes.
  • Understand how segmentation is being used.
  • Evaluate effectiveness of current segmentation schemes.
  • Identify your most valuable customers.
  • Measure portfolio performance versus segmentation expectations.
  • Ensure that segmentation complies with regulatory requirements.

Understanding your customers and prospects and their behavior is key to business growth. Our segmentation solutions make sense of your customer relationships and provide a foundation for driving profitable revenue.

Price Management

Our price management audit and assessment examines key questions so we can help sharpen your pricing strategies and delivery.

  • Identify gaps in P&L based on current pricing policy forecasts.
  • Deconstruct forecasts to pinpoint expected lifts and incremental value.
  • Understand factors cause change in P&L drivers.
  • Identify errors or incomplete information in systems and production processes.
  • Examine all legal terms and conditions to align with pricing policy.
  • Assess customer feedback on pricing from operations and service.

Once we finish the assessment, you’ll have the systems and processes to support development of pricing management to create enhanced revenue steams and realize more profitable Net Credit and Net Interest Margins.

Customer Lifecycle

From promising new customers to existing high-risk customers – and all in between – we help you assess the effectiveness of your current lifecycle initiatives.

  • Examine customer acquisition policies, processes, offers and performance.
  • Compare new customer profiles to the market.
  • Inspect existing customer processes, policies, processes, offers and performance.
  • Assess existing customer initiatives’ contribution to portfolio performance.
  • Examine retention policies, processes, offers and performance.
  • Assess customer retention outcomes over extended performance periods.
  • Look at high-risk customer profiles, policies, processes, offers and performance.
  • Assess risk/reward trade-off of high-risk policies versus risk performance and collections operations.

Assessment complete, you’ll have the systems and processes to support development of customer lifecycle packages and offers to grow your business nurture your customer relationships – and reduce risk.

C-Suite Analytical Organization

Our audits and assessments provide a methodical examination and review of your existing analytical strategies, processes and organization, and your company culture’s readiness for an enterprise-wide analytical organization.

  • Evaluate the state of your analytic leadership, talent, capabilities, delivery methods and organizational models.
  • Examine current analytic roles and responsibilities across the enterprise.
  • Find ways to eliminate redundancies and maximize collaboration.
  • Identify and highlight analytic success in your organization – and determine existing success factors.
  • Interview business leaders and partners to understand analytic strengths, weaknesses and opportunities.

Assessment complete, you’ll have an understanding of where you stand and how competitive your organization is in its analytic competency.  You can use this foundation to more effectively build an enterprise-wide analytic strategy.