C-Suite Analytical Organization

Improve business performance with an enterprise analytic strategy.

Do you have an enterprise analytic strategy? If not, then it’s time to develop an analytical organization to capitalize on all the growth opportunities that you could mine from your data and insight.

It boils down to a simple formula: Analytics = Value Creation. Accept this and you’re on your way. Let us guide you in building your analytics organization – from the C-Suite on down – to fuel future business growth.

Audits and Assessments

Our audits and assessments provide a methodical examination and review of your existing analytical strategies, processes and organization, and your company culture.

  • Evaluate the state of your analytic leadership, talent, capabilities, delivery methods and organizational models.
  • Examine current analytic roles and responsibilities across the enterprise.
  • Find ways to eliminate redundancies and maximize collaboration.
  • Identify and highlight analytic success in your organization – and determine existing success factors.
  • Interview business leaders and partners to understand analytic strengths, weaknesses and opportunities.
  • And more….

Assessment complete, you’ll have an understanding of where you stand and how competitive your organization is in its analytic competency.  You can use this foundation to more effectively build an enterprise analytic strategy. 

Development and Design

In this stage, we define the desired state – where you’d like to be – of your enterprise-wide analytic organization. Then we translate that into relevant business processes and solutions.

  • Link current enterprise-wide analytic capabilities to current and desired business needs and strategies.
  • Determine target state of analytic function.
  • Evaluate talent pool to determine feasibility of elevating role of analytics across the enterprise.
  • Set specific goals for analytic strategy and delivery capabilities.
  • Gain organizational “buy-in” from all business partners as to the strategic value of investing in an enterprise-wide analytic strategy.
  • Translate creation of executive analytic function into enhanced business performance.

Our strict analytic discipline helps you determine the feasibility of implementing an executive level enterprise-wide analytic function. According to our working formula – Analytics = Value – we also make sure that your executive analytic function will provide enhanced business performance and valuable capabilities for the franchise.

Implementation and Delivery

In this stage, we create a complete roadmap so you can incorporate data, technology, analytics and talent into business applications to execute your enterprise-wide executive analytic function.

  • Ensure holistic understanding of business strategy, structure, roles and responsibilities.
  • Identify executive sponsor accountable for roadmap delivery.
  • Identify project management resources to create and manage roadmap structure, governance and performance tracking.
  • Schedule ongoing roadmap updates.
  • Ensure progress and delivery of target goals.
  • Adjust and reevaluate dates and delivery as required.

The complete roadmap prepares you for successful execution.


Measuring the progress and effectiveness of your customer enterprise-wide executive analytic function demonstrates the connection between strategy, requirements, insights and action.

  • Set targets and plan metrics tracking.
  • Evaluate and align performance with expectations.
  • Create and implement this critical discipline for continued success.
  • Incorporate key learnings from testing for refinement.
  • Track KPIs against assumptions and financial forecasts.

This ongoing process discipline assures that continuous measurement-based refinement delivers desired financial results.