Why Tal Solutions?

Do you know how to find growth opportunities in your own data? That’s what we do — to the tune of millions.

Tal Solutions helps you profit from an asset you may not even know you have – your data. There’s nobody better at uncovering growth opportunities, and it’s even more rare to find data analytics experts that have a proven track record of producing millions in revenue.


Our distributed network and collaborative partnerships offer agile, cost-effective problem solving.

Rather than starting with templated solutions, we start with your business problems and growth strategies. While our quantitative disciplines and best practices assure flawless execution, our passion for learning, the discovery process, and solving complex problems keeps us lean…and quick…and fair.

Choose the industry-recognized creator of  Decision Management.

Marcia Tal wrote the book on how to use data to make smarter, more profitable business decisions. From 2001 to 2011, Marcia built Citigroup’s Decision Management function from three people to a scalable data analytics organization of over 1,000 people working in 30 countries. That growth, of course, was fueled by profits Tal’s group produced.

Marcia Tal walks the walk.

Unlike many “analytics consultants,” Marcia has created a proven analytical framework and process for gaining insight and knowledge to uncover growth opportunities. Marcia has produced real-word revenue growth, operating efficiencies and effective risk management for organizations on a global scale. Having frequently been the consulting “client” herself, Marcia first looks at complex problems from your point-of view. That’s walking the walk.



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Ever-Growing Capability in Data Analytics

I have known Marcia for the last 12 years. She has been my manager, my coach, and my mentor during most of this time. I have always valued her deep insights around people management and career management. However, more importantly, is her ever-growing capability in the field of data analytics and the growing industry. Marcia is a true practitioner, who has proven across multiple business units on how to drive revenue growth through client information and create value from client engagement.

What has always made Marcia stand out, through every analytical engagement I have worked with, starts with asking the same question: “How does this division make money today?” She sets that as a baseline and goes on to ensure that all outcomes relate to the delivery being tied to increasing that revenue contribution. Her analytics capabilities are truly linked to company financials.  Her playbook orchestrates workflows and automation across sales, customer success, marketing, product management, and finance teams.  Over the years, Marcia has further developed her skills and competencies around unstructured data, web data, and the recent voice to text. She has incorporated these seamlessly into her work, showing the rich information that is being left by clients and how it can be embedded to design products, service platforms, delivery channels, and differentiated pricing.

Marcia’s strengths lie in putting a vision, setting strategic goals, developing clear articulated actions, and followed by amazing execution. I have seen this personally, as Marcia was instrumental in developing the vision of Decision Management for Citi, bringing the talent pool together. She set priorities, but more importantly executed them flawlessly. The organization is now global based in over 25 countries today.  She saw the value of information much before anyone else.

With more than 25-years of experience, Marcia certainly has the skill and experience to do just about anything in the arena of advanced analytics, financial re-engineering, client excellence, and revenue generation.

Marcia’s capabilities include multi-tasking, excellent time management, speedy turn-around, advanced creativity, wonderful written and oral communication skills, budget management, campaign management, and execution, and everything you’d expect from a seasoned transformation leader. But what sets her apart from the rest is her extreme passion for the world of marketing, her inherent empathetic nature that allows her to create value from information.

She is a true visionary!

Sandeep Bhalla, Managing Director, Regional Head – Decision Management, Asia Pacific Consumer Bank